÷xroniko concept store is a project aiming to reconsider History and Tradition, based in our contemporary needs.

Studying our past through a contemporary point of view, we discover similar needs with our ancestors, who were using Idols with symbolical meaning, for their need to communicate and work in teams. Idols were being offered during ceremonial activities to Gods, a tradition still present today (tamata), but also as funeral gifts in tomb.

Wax is a house friendly material, decorative but also usable. We use beeswax and soya wax, adding essential oils. Inspirited by the nature of the island of Cyprus but also the activities of the locals, we use oils such as lemon, orange, frankincense, myrrh, anise, cinnamon, cloves, rose and more.  

÷xroniko is aiming to:

  • Approach and reconsider the archaeological treasure
  • Find innovative solutions for contemporary needs
  • Educate locals and the wider audience about Cypriot History and the tradition of tamata.
  • Support local market and art
  • Create innovative travel items (souvenir)
  • Bridging the historical past with the nowadays present

All products are handmade manufactured on the island of Cyprus.

You can find the candles in different colors and scents.
Beeswax is a natural product, therefore the color might differ from the photograph.

Young Cypriot lady preparing the “kotsouthkia”
circa 2021
Photograph @maro_kkr
Special thanks to my grandma Vasilou